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Why choose Pilates?

·       Increase body awareness

·       Build strength and improve fitness

·       Increase mobility

·       Strengthen core

·       Improve posture

·       Reduce your chance of injury

Who is it for?

Pilates is suitable for all levels and can be adapted to meet your individual needs. I offer a range of classes or 1:1s and can direct you to a class that is appropriate for your level.

Who is ruth Alison?

I have been coaching climbing for around 10 years and more recently have started to teach Pilates too. I found my passion for Pilates after a series of injuries and back problems were stopping me from climbing and doing other activities I love.


Pilates helped me to understand my body better. This meant that I was able to manage/prevent injuries and my body felt so much healthier for it.


My increasing interest in Pilates and coaching led me to complete my Pilates Matwork course with Garuda, Prenatal Pilates Doula course with LiveLife Pilates Academy and Advanced Post Natal Wellness Practitioner course with Burrell Education.

More recently I have also completed a Whole Body Pelvic Health mentorship with Claire Sparrow.

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Client Testimonials

Katherine A

I really enjoy my lessons with Ruth, she is fantastic at keeping us motivated over zoom, and is so accomodating for injuries and weaknesses, and happily comes up with exercises suitable for each individual in the class. It has given me something to look forward to every week while stuck at home and I will definitely keep it up after lockdown as well! I highly recommend pilates and Ruth is so fantastic!

Kate R

Ruth’s classes are brilliant. I used to think Pilates was a chore that the physio had given me. Ruth helped me develop a deeper understanding for Pilates which sparked what I hope will be a life long passion, enabling me to continue the other sports I love. I feel so much more aware of my body when keeping up a regular Pilates practice. My strength, mobility, stability and flexibility are all improved.

Nikki M

Absolutely fantastic . Ruth is a great teacher, she makes me feel really comfortable and I thoroughly enjoy the class every week. She creates a great space to give new exercises and movements a go (I was new to Pilates). I would highly recommend Ruth, especially for prenatal Pilates. It’s a lovely thing to have in my diary every week and always look forward to it !

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